My attempt to creae some Goytacazes indigenous characters. They were a very brave people.
The Goitacá people (or Goytacazes, among other variant spellings "Waytaquazes" "Ouetacá", "Waitaká") were an indigenous people of Brazil. They are now extinct.

The Goitacá were a "Tapuia" (i.e. non-Tupi) people, one of the few that still remained on the Tupi-dominated coast. They were said to be taller and lighter-skinned than the Tupi. Their name may stem from guatá, the Tupi word for "wayfarer" or "runner".
In the 16th century, the Goitacá inhabited a large stretch of the eastern Brazilian coast, from the São Mateus River to the Paraíba do Sul River, encompassing what is now the state of Espírito Santo and part of Rio de Janeiro state. They are estimated to have numbered 12,000.
Unlike their Tupi neighbors, the Goitacá were a hunter-gatherer people. Their diet consisted primarily of fruits, roots, honey and engaged in a substantial amount of hunting (they were said to be masters of the bow-and-arrow). They were also one of the few coastal indigenous populations to also engage in fishing as a major activity, and were renowned for their skill in capturing sharks in shallows. They were alleged to be superstitious about water sources, drinking water only from freshly-dug wells, and never from streams or rivers.

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