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I'm Ana and my passion has always been Storytelling Stories, either through words, drawings, colours, designs or rides, using both research and know-how, in a bunch of different ways, sometimes with really unusual tools.
I've got my B.A. in Graphic Design at "Instituto Federal Fluminense" in Rio de Janeiro, and did a continued education course in “Management, Marketing and Design” at the same institution. While studying I worked for some smol Marketing Agencies, Internet Providers, acted as cosplay maker, DJ, freelancer illustrator, Art teacher and owned a cake company. I love and cherish each one experience I have during all those years, for sure they helped to build the versatile and creative professional I am today. ​​​​​​​
Prior to taking on my role at MSP I worked in the licensing business, illustrating and designing with global brands such as Mattel, Faber-Castell, Fiat, Warner Bros. These years gave me a strong background in business and forecast research skills that help brands to growth. In 2012 I transitioned over to the entertainment industry, building Theme Parks and Live Experiences for children from all ages.
​​​​​​​Understanding people and having true empathy for their needs (and wishes) is key to success for building great experiences, and I thrive for them in all my projects.
Now I live in São Paulo with my 2 cats and my dog, staying safe and working hard to keep smiles on faces ♡
(keep smiles on HUMAN faces, these pets have really strong personalities)
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