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I'm Ana and I've always been most passionate about telling stories.
Through words, drawings, colours, shows or rides, using both research and know-how, in a bunch of different ways, sometimes with really unusual tools, Storytelling is what connect all my interests.
I've got my B.A. in Graphic Design at "Instituto Federal Fluminense" in Rio de Janeiro, and did a continued education course in “Management, Marketing and Design” at the same institution. While studying I worked for some smol Marketing Agencies, Internet Providers, acted as cosplay maker, DJ, freelancer illustrator, Art teacher and owned a cake company. I love and cherish each one experience I have during all those years, for sure they helped to build the versatile and creative professional I am today. ​​​​​​​
Prior to taking on my role at MSP I worked in the licensing business, illustrating and designing with global brands such as Mattel, Faber-Castell, Fiat, Warner Bros. These years gave me a strong background in business and forecast research skills that help brands to growth. In 2012 I transitioned over to the entertainment industry, building Theme Parks and Live Experiences for children from all ages.
​​​​​​​Understanding people and having true empathy for their needs (and wishes) is key to success for building great experiences, and I thrive for them in all my projects.
Now I live in São Paulo with my 16yo cat and my dog, staying safe and working hard to keep smiles on faces ♡
(keep smiles on HUMAN faces, these pets have really strong personalities)
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